Scarecrow – the movie

22 Nov

Last night, I tuned into this oddball movie, Scarecrow, starring Gene Hackman and Al Pacino. Basically, this 1973 film is a story about two drifters – Hackman is just out of jail; Pacino is sprung from the Navy – who meet along the side of the road and become friends. Hackman has this goofy idea of starting a car wash in Pittsburgh. They become partners. Not much really happens, except you get to see what losers these two are. They meet up with other misfits along their journey, and you wonder where in God’s name this film is going. It was a movie I wanted to like. The cinematography was great, the acting was, by all acounts good, as can be expected from two stalwarts like Hackman and Pacino. My son Andew was watching the movie with me and at one point asked, “These ’70s movies never make any sense.” I didn’t quite know how to respond. It was a different time, and yes, often filmmakers were doing a lot of interesting things then – exploring human emotions and relationships, using these off-beat characters in their films to find out answers, I guess. It was before the explosion of cinema technology took over. (I hated Star Wars, by the way.) Any way, the film was a bit slow for me. I like character-driven movies, but Scarecrow just didn’t quite work for me, even though I was certainly drawn to it.


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