Don’t forget the weather

7 Feb


A little while ago, as I was sitting here at my computer, I happened to notice the tree branches outside my window rocking from the wind, the clumps of snow from their limbs launching off into the crisp winter air.

I love the wind.

I like the sound it makes, especially on a late fall or winter day, rustling the trees, howling sometimes like the cry of an invisible creature from the distance.

There is something comforting about a healthy gale and a blustery day or night.

Don’t you think?

Maybe it’s because it makes me forget some of the troubles of the world, a reminder that when we really get down to it, nature is in control.

If nothing else, I can imagine one of those bursts of wind carrying me off to some place of the imagination.

A windy March day, a summer rain, snowflakes gently falling, can…

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