Finding the child within you when writing

11 Feb


If you’re a writer you should be a kid.

A kid? Really?

That’s right.

Think about it.

When you were a kid the world was alive with possibilities. Everything was new, exciting, like going to the carnival or the circus.

You wanted to see everything and do everything.

It was a great feeling, one of euphoria, of rapturous delight even.

You might not have always gotten what you wanted, but you felt sure that someday, somehow, that horse you wanted to ride, that boat out there on the water you were dying to hop aboard, that shiny new toy in the store window that beckoned you, would eventually be yours.

As a kid, you’re full of optimism, of delicious expectations.

Of course, we don’t remain children.

We grow older, more realistic, even cynical, resigning ourselves to being adults and the responsibilities that come with being a mature, hardworking member of…

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