17 Apr


Ah marketing. What can you say about marketing?

Clearly, for the author, it’s onerous, frustrating, and largely unpredictable.

One embarks on writing a book for the first time with little thought about how to sell it.

I know it was that way for me.

Indeed, most writers don’t want to be burdened with figuring out how to sell their work.

After all, isn’t such a task left to those smart people at the publishing house where the author places his work after many months, perhaps years of toil?

Well now … let’s step back.

Many writers simply don’t send out their books to publishing houses these days. Self-publishing allows many authors to sidestep that altogether.

But self-publishing makes it necessary for the writer to do the marketing, that is, if the author is interesting in selling the work.

Hey. It was hard enough just writing a book. Now I have…

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