The Dying Light – III

22 Nov


After college, I got the engineering job, but soon found I hated everything about working for an energy company in southeast Texas. Houston was a boomtown, a rude awakening of culture shock for a country boy from northcentral Pennsylvania.

It was a new, up-and-coming company, with smart, ambitious people. The main office was in downtown Houston, and it seemed everyone was content to make the long commute from any one of the affluent growing suburbs that surrounded that hot humid city.

I hated Texas. I grew to hate the idea of working for a company that drilled into the ground for oil. Weaning the country off foreign resources be damned. I dreamed of escape, of rolling rural landscapes. Often, I thought of home, of Miller’s Creek, and those wonderful stream-bred brownies that prowled the waters for mayflies.

I was just past my thirtieth birthday, feeling as if life was quickly…

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