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New book for aspiring authors

30 May


17 Apr


Ah marketing. What can you say about marketing?

Clearly, for the author, it’s onerous, frustrating, and largely unpredictable.

One embarks on writing a book for the first time with little thought about how to sell it.

I know it was that way for me.

Indeed, most writers don’t want to be burdened with figuring out how to sell their work.

After all, isn’t such a task left to those smart people at the publishing house where the author places his work after many months, perhaps years of toil?

Well now … let’s step back.

Many writers simply don’t send out their books to publishing houses these days. Self-publishing allows many authors to sidestep that altogether.

But self-publishing makes it necessary for the writer to do the marketing, that is, if the author is interesting in selling the work.

Hey. It was hard enough just writing a book. Now I have…

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FREE BOOK – Today Only

29 Mar

Be Comfortable When You Write

27 Mar


Have you ever stopped to think how easily words tumbled out of you when you were simply messaging or emailing a friend?

With little problem at all, you dashed off a few hundred words. Maybe you were happily recalling an event from the past or describing some weekend retreat where your families were heading that weekend.

Writing can just flow out of us when we have something we want to say, and we aren’t worried about the grammar police or critics.

It’s writing freely and rapidly without a lot of deep thinking.

What the best way for you?

Some authors write books by dictating the words into the computer.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never tried it, but it’s certainly something to consider. You talk and the words appear like magic on the computer screen.

Many authors write in longhand before transcribing the words to the computer.

Still others…

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Keep on Writing

18 Mar


I got my writing in today.
Six words. I … got … my … writing … in … today.
You don’t even need to say that sentence aloud. The sentence will run through your brain eachday you carry out the task of writing.
Those words will feel good, give you satisfaction. If you putyourself in front of that keyboard every day and tapout words, you’ll find yourself developing a habit – a good habit – one that you’ll want to continue. That feeling of satisfaction will be part of your life.
Maybe you’re dealing with other stuff in your life, some of it not so pleasant, but you keep on with your writing because it’s a priority. So, you do. Few things in life are as satisfying as getting that work done every day.
Writing is a journey. The book you’re writing now or will soon be writing will be…

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Want to write a book? Hit the link below

27 Feb

Writing Is Like Skiing

20 Feb


The other day I took a ski lesson.

Call it a successful check-off on my long list of bucket list items.

I had been on skis before, but only a few times to do some cross-country skiing.

I wasn’t sure quite what would happen if I attempted to go down a hill.

I’m not a young man, and I have a trick knee from a long-ago football injury.

I was apprehensive, to say the least. I didn’t want to tear up my knee, break my bones, or perhaps kill myself.

To sum up, I did okay – aside from getting off that stupid ski lift.

Alright, I admit, I managed to go from the top of a snow-covered gentle rise to the bottom – the beginner’s slope.

Our teacher stood below us, yelling out instructions, pointing his hand one way and then the other.

And really, that’s all there was…

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The Magic Cards

14 Feb


You’re not sure what story you want to write.

Those idle moments you spend sitting on the front porch after dinner make your mind wonder. Those

cups of coffee in the morning fuel a frenzy of story possibilities.

So many ideas are shooting through your brain that you think you might go crazy.

Just stop a minute.

Ideas for books are a good problem for an author.

Maybe all those ideas add up to multiple books … or perhaps just one really great book or story.

Try the Magic Cards.

It’s the method I’ve used to launch the writing of my own books.

The process is quite simple.

I sit with the cards, pen in hand, and simply scribble out a word or a few words of images or thoughts

that come to me.

After twenty minutes, perhaps longer, I have dozens, even hundreds of words and phrases on those

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Finding the child within you when writing

11 Feb


If you’re a writer you should be a kid.

A kid? Really?

That’s right.

Think about it.

When you were a kid the world was alive with possibilities. Everything was new, exciting, like going to the carnival or the circus.

You wanted to see everything and do everything.

It was a great feeling, one of euphoria, of rapturous delight even.

You might not have always gotten what you wanted, but you felt sure that someday, somehow, that horse you wanted to ride, that boat out there on the water you were dying to hop aboard, that shiny new toy in the store window that beckoned you, would eventually be yours.

As a kid, you’re full of optimism, of delicious expectations.

Of course, we don’t remain children.

We grow older, more realistic, even cynical, resigning ourselves to being adults and the responsibilities that come with being a mature, hardworking member of…

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Don’t forget the weather

7 Feb


A little while ago, as I was sitting here at my computer, I happened to notice the tree branches outside my window rocking from the wind, the clumps of snow from their limbs launching off into the crisp winter air.

I love the wind.

I like the sound it makes, especially on a late fall or winter day, rustling the trees, howling sometimes like the cry of an invisible creature from the distance.

There is something comforting about a healthy gale and a blustery day or night.

Don’t you think?

Maybe it’s because it makes me forget some of the troubles of the world, a reminder that when we really get down to it, nature is in control.

If nothing else, I can imagine one of those bursts of wind carrying me off to some place of the imagination.

A windy March day, a summer rain, snowflakes gently falling, can…

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