The Dying Light – V

26 Nov


Why did I go back?

I’m not sure.

It would be easy to say it was because of my life back in Houston and a job I hated. But maybe it was something else, a need to finally make things right, even if I knew, deep in my heart that it was a foolish notion.

It was October, that splendid time in northcentral Pennsylvania when the trees drip the colors of wine and the air turns crisp and the aroma of fall—wood smoke from the cabins along Miler’s Creek, fills the air. It’s not a time of beginnings, but of settling in— for the long winter. The stream-bred trout of Miller’s Creek enter the spawning season as the chill sets in, a time to begin reflecting on the sins and bad decisions of the passing year.

My old man had done what he said he might do: He had purchased…

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